Success Stories

Early Intervention in Seminole County  Helps Struggling Students Become Better Readers

Head Start reading time

The strategy to improve grade-level reading in Seminole County is simple: Identify struggling students at an early age and give them the individual attention they need to improve. And that strategy appears to be working. In 2006 just 72.7 percent of third graders in the county were meeting or exceeding CRCT standards. By 2012, that number had increased to 97.4 percent.

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Improving Early Learning—Grade-Level Reading, One Student at a Time


Helping students achieve their full potential is in Martha Register’s blood, and that’s a good thing for the young children who visit the Seminole County Reading Lab.  Even though the former high-school teacher and elementary-school principal has been retired for 10 years, she is one of about a dozen volunteer tutors who provide individualized instruction to students in the Reading Lab each week.

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Eleven Family Connection Collaboratives Team up to Improve Indicators of Child and Family Well-Being


Low birthweight, childhood obesity, and a literacy gap are serious threats to the well-being of Georgia’s families and children. Recognizing the impact these pressing issues have on the state’s health, safety, and ability to prosper, Georgia Family Connection Partnership has launched three initiatives dedicated to developing and implementing strategies that address these key indicators.